November 2002               


            It’s November and the beginning of the Holiday Season.  Millie really gets into decorating and is already planning her scheme for the 5th wheel.  We won’t be doing much at the house this year; most of the ornaments, etc are going to the kids. Only keeping what we will be using in the 5th wheel and a tree for the house.

            We went shopping for a tree for the TS.  Millie had originally thought that the slim line tree we have for the den would work, but after looking at it again, decided it was still too big around.  Our favorite florist has a big Christmas Open House every year, so Millie headed over there to look.  Found one, but thought perhaps it was still too big around.  We then headed to Cornelius Nursery in Houston; they always have a great Christmas store.  Not only did we find a tree, we found three!  It took us a while to decide on the one we wanted, but we did make a decision and made our purchase.  Also picked up pine swag to go over the entrance door on the inside.  Millie will get some trim and ribbon to dress it up. 

            On Sunday of that weekend, we went out to the TS to see if our purchase from the day before was going to fit.  It was the right size around, just needed to be elevated.  We were looking around for a way to elevate it when we spied the Formica cut out from when the new kitchen sink was installed.  Idea! Cut to fit the base of the tree, add legs and we have the perfect table! Dick went to Home Depot and picked up legs and hardware to install them.  Things are coming together folks! 

            The 14th was Millie’s Sewing Guild Meeting and she was in charge of presenting the program.  The ladies made Picture Frame Placemats.  It was a fun evening and interesting to see how each ladies choice of fabrics changed the way the placemat looked.

            The 16th we headed to Columbus, TX to the dinner theater at the Old Opera House there.  Saw a production of “Sanders Family Christmas”.  It was an entertaining evening.  We had seen “Smoke on the Mountain” when we were in Indiana a couple of years ago and this is a play about the same family.  It was very well done.  This play requires that actors not only be able to act, but sing and play instruments. 

            The dinner was a buffet and the food was excellent.  They seat you at tables of 8 to 10 people.  Of course, since there was just the 2 of us, we didn’t know anyone at our table.  We sat down, introduced ourselves, and the others at the table told us who they were and that they were all from Fredericksburg, TX.  Ok, so here we sit at a table with 5 other couples that are friends and we know no one.  One of the ladies said, we are all members of a Holiday Rambler Camping Club, here on a campout!  Bingo, we all chatted like we would in a campground around the fire.  Fate really had a hand in putting us at the same table. 

            The following week was taken up with everyday things, except Thursday evening when we had our pictures taken for the new church directory.  Digital cameras and PC’s really have changed that process, they took the photos, then showed us our pictures on the PC and let us choose which ones we wanted.  You can even purchase the floppy with all the poses on it!  We should have a new photo on the home page next month.

            The 23rd we decided to get some Christmas shopping done before things got too crowded.  Well, so did a lot of other folks!  We were armed with lists and just kept going, not getting home until after 6:00, but nearly finished with the shopping.  This is the fastest it has ever been done.  The stores were really crowded and we seemed to spend more time sitting in traffic than shopping, but we got a lot accomplished. 

            Thanksgiving week was busy, Millie had month-end closing on the 27th, which we finished up early and headed home.  She got started on the baking for Thanksgiving when she got home and by the time Dick got there, she had pies made and several other items done and in the refrigerator for the big day.  Ann came over and had dinner with us, we visited for a while and then Dick drove her home.

            Thanksgiving morning we were up early and got the turkey in the oven.  Then settled down to watch the Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade, as Rikki was taking part in it. She made All-Star Cheerleader this summer at camp and they took part in the parade.

After the parade, Deb, Russell, Chad and Rikki came out to the house.  Deb and Millie got dinner finished up and on the table.  We all ate well.  After we got everything cleared from the table and the dishwasher loaded, we visited for a while before they had to leave.

The cheerleaders were going to a tree lighting that evening.  They left about 4:30 and Dick and Millie started loading the TS.  Didn’t take too long, and we relaxed the rest of the evening. 

            Friday morning Millie headed over to get her mammogram while Dick hitched up.  When Millie got home, we headed for our C2C club to spend the weekend.  The weather was cool, but sunny and it was a perfect weekend to go.  We rode our bikes around, watched “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, Millie did some needlework, Dick played with his computer and Millie got all the Christmas gifts that we bought wrapped.  Ming and Missy enjoyed their pet patio, finally realizing they could both be in there at the same time.  They had a great time watching squirrels and birds. 

            The 29th was also a big birthday for Chad.  He is now 16!  Of course, that coveted drivers license is on the agenda, however, a new law passed last year says that he must have his learners permit for 6 months before he can get a license and he still has 2 weeks to go.  He does have to go renew his permit, as it expired on his birthday.


We want to wish each of you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dick, Millie, Missy and Ming.