May 2002               

        May started off busy, we are trying to get things moved back into the re-carpeted rooms.  On Thursday, the 4th, we took a truckload of things to Debbie.  It still doesnít look like much gone from here!  We were so tired from working every evening that Dick decided we needed a break so we ran away from home.  We threw a few necessities in the trailer and headed to our C2C home park, Marina Village, in Trinity for the weekend.

We got there about 8:30 and got set up.  We ran back into town to get something to eat. As we were starting out of the campground, 4 deer walked across the road in front of us.  Saturday after breakfast, we ran into town to the store and picked up some steaks, potatoes and salad mix for dinner.  Spent the rest of the day just lazing around.  After dinner, I watched ďFrontier HouseĒ which we taped earlier in the week.  Very interesting program.  Sunday we slept in and just relaxed until about 1:00 when we packed up and headed back home.  We keep thinking that it wonít be too long before we wonít have to come back home, we can just keep going! 

            Monday we did laundry and worked at getting things back into the sewing room.

I got my Sewing Guild newsletter done and in the mail.  On Wednesday, the 8th, we enjoyed an evening out with everyone (including spouses) from Millieís office.  We celebrated the best month ever for the Houston branch by going to dinner.  Thursday the 9th was Sewing Guild meeting. 

            On the 14th I drove Ann to the airport for her long-awaited trip to West Virginia.  She was to be met at the airport there by my cousin, Carolyn Reed, who along with her husband Bo had invited Ann to stay with them.  She enjoyed her visit, getting to talk with all three of her brothers and visiting with some long time friends.  On the 28th I made the trip back to the airport and met Annís plane.  We stopped for dinner on the way home and then got her back home and settled in.  Samantha and Tiger Woods (her cats), were happy to have their mom back home.  Dick and I checked on them while Ann was gone.

            The weekend of the 18th we were really busy.  We decided that we didnít want to incur the work required to do a garage sale.  We started listing all the stuff in the garage and hauling it to various charities.  When we got the 1st load on the truck, I told Dick I felt just like Granny Clampett, except that Robert had already taken my rocking chair!  We listed and hauled off two truckloads that day.  We still have at least one more load in the garage and that is on just the first pass through the house! On Sunday, the 19th we came home from church, changed into grubbies and started painting the living and dining rooms and the foyer.  We worked until 7:00 that night.  Now we can get the rest of the carpet down.  We left everything out of those rooms except for the dining table, china cabinet and sofa.  They were too big to be left where we had moved them.  Everything else is stacked up in the den.  We have a path to get through there. 

            Friday of Memorial Day weekend found us on the road.  We left about 12:30, heading out I-10 to Skyline RV Ranch in Bandera, TX.  This is a nice resort, catering mainly to adults.  The weather there was great, a nice breeze going, and temps in the low 80ís.  We pulled out our chairs and enjoyed!  Saturday nite we went to the PRCA Rodeo held there.  It was fun and I think everyone from Bandera was there.  About 2 AM Sunday a thunderstorm rolled through, but it was clear and sunny by the time we got up. I did some counted cross-stitch and Dick caught up on reading some of his computer magazines.  We grilled steaks for dinner.  There was a herd of about 9 deer wandering through the RV park and I sat and watched them for a long time.  One funny thing, there was a trailer in the next row over from us and the folks were outside grilling.  Beside their site was the road, then a fence with a small grove of trees.  5 of those deer stood beside that fence in the trees and watch those folks for 15 minutes or more and I donít think they even knew the deer were there!  We really hated to have to pack up and come home on Monday.  Dick thinks he will have no problem adjusting to fulltiming!

            Tuesday was back to work.  Wednesday the carpet layers were back. Itís all done now and looking great.  We will be busy getting things back in order.  Dickís computer room will get a much needed sorting out and organizing.  It will be nice to get the house put back.  Then maybe I can see how much is really gone.