March 2002               

           March definitely came in like a lion in Houston.  We had rain and then on beginning on the 2nd we had cold, windy weather with record low temps

            On Saturday the 2nd we attended the Mule Pulls at the rodeo.  We have been going to these since we first found them about 10 years ago.  It was a fun day, but really cold and windy outside.  Fortunately the rodeo is mainly held inside and we only had to brave the weather to catch the shuttle buses. 

            Sunday the 3rd was cold and windy; we just stayed inside, built a big fire in the fireplace and puttered.  Dick did some work on the computers, updating and installing software, etc.  I went through a stack of magazines, sorted out what articles I wanted to keep cut them out and got all the magazines in the recycling bin.

            I got my Sewing Guild newsletter out the next week, even tho I was sick and missed a couple of days of work.  Also managed to make 4 of the “Walker Caddies” that our group is doing as a community service project.  We had our meeting on the 14th and completed 8 more caddies, which I will deliver to a local nursing home.  Our group has done a community service project every year and although we are few, we get a lot of items done.

            We hired a lawn service this week.  They will be coming to clean all the flowerbeds and keeping them weeded.  They will also mow and keep the yard looking good so it will be in top shape when we market the house.  

            The 16th we took both girls to the vet.  Missy had her yearly check up and Ming a follow up.  They are pleased with Ming’s progress.  She has gained 1-1/2 pounds since we got her. After bringing the girls back home, we headed back into Houston.  Went by the RV supply store and picked up a new anode rod for the hot water heater.  Then we went to the Houston RV and Camper Show.  We enjoyed looking around, but didn’t see anything exceptional.  We were hoping to see more vendors there with supplies, campground information, etc.  There were only a few there.  Disappointing.

            On the 17th we went to church  and then came home and started tackling the attic.  We were able to get about ˝ of it cleaned out and sorted before Dick’s knee gave out and we were forced to quit for the day.  I fixed dinner and we had Mother to come and eat with us.  Hope we can finish the attic next weekend. 

            The attic didn’t get finished, I had a root canal done on Wednesday, had a bad reaction and spent the next 4 days down.  Did get some of Robert’s things packed up for him.           

            On Thursday, the 28th my new friend, Phyllis Davis retired.  She and Dick began their fulltime life on Saturday, the 30th.  They will be traveling in their motorhome.  Phyllis and I became friends over the internet, finding out that our lives had many parallels.  We have emailed each other nearly every day for about a year.  We will get to meet face to face in July.  I will miss our daily emails, but know that they are living their  dream and wish Dick and Phyllis safe travels.

            Robert and Amanda arrived on Good Friday to spend Easter Weekend with us.  On Saturday, Dick and Robert installed the Transmission Temp sensor and gauge in the truck.  They also installed CB and antennas.  Amanda and Millie went shopping and made a trip to the fabric store.  Amanda wanted Millie to help her make a skirt.  Saturday afternoon we worked on Amanda’s sewing.  After dinner, Debbie, Russell, Chad, Rikki and Richard all arrived.  We went through the computer and sewing rooms and garage with everyone choosing what items they wanted.  Some things were taken home that night.  Yeah! 

            Easter Sunday Dick and I went to Church.   The Sunday School students presented a moving Easter Pageant and we had Communion service.  It was an uplifting morning.  After we returned home, we helped Robert pack his Suburban with as much as he could haul and he and Amanda headed for home. We took Ann out to eat that evening.

            Take a look at the new photos we added.  See you next month.