June 2002               

   June found us trying to get the house finished up.  Our weekend off was helpful, giving us a much need rest from all the work.  We got things moved back into the computer room and it looks so much better.

   Millie got the Sewing Guild newsletter put together and mailed out.  Then went to the meeting the following week.  Wonít have to do another one until September, we donít meet in July and August. We had a really good meeting and everyone brought a covered dish, so the food was terrific.

   We then started painting the doorframes and doors in the kitchen that we hadnít done several years ago when we painted the cabinets in there.  Also got the doors on the vanity in the Ĺ painted and put back on.  Got new hardware on the doors also.  We also had to touch up the baseboards in the kitchen and laundry room.  They were messed up when the new kitchen floor was installed after they were originally painted.  Donít think we ever want to see a can of paint again!

   After all the painting was done, we tackled some of the outside work.  Got the screen room all cleaned and swept.  Millie got to work on the pool deck.  It was a lot of work to clean, but really looks like new now. 

   In the midst of touching up the paint, we had a couple come and ask if they could look at the house.  After going through, they made us an offer.  Too good to be true!  We hadnít even talked to a realtor yet!  We contacted Joann to do the paper work for us and were thrilled that it was looking like the house was gone. 

   We packed the 5er and headed for Colorado on the 28th.  We spent Friday night north of Fort Worth, Saturday night in Amarillo and arrived in Creede on Sunday the 30th.  We had reserved space at Mountain Views RV Resort.  It was a beautiful park and we were not disappointed.  Very large spaces with a beautiful view of the mountains.   Millie drove for a couple of hours each day and is becoming more comfortable with towing our rig.

   Now for a couple of weeks of much needed relaxation!!