February 2002               

            The shortest month of the year was a fairly busy one for us.  We were able to send several boxes home with 2 kids, plus 2 bookcases from the back hallway and all the National Geographics from 1973 on.  Chad took those, he likes to read them.  One of the things I have resolved to do this year is let the magazine subscriptions expire.  It will be too costly to have them forwarded and I can get most of them in bookstores or groceries. 

Debbie later called and asked if she could have the other hallway bookcase, so I will have to sort through the sewing and craft books in it and decide what I am keeping and what goes, then I can let her take the bookcase.  I still have a couple of kitchen cabinets that need their first culling done on and new shelf liner put down.  Richard and Diana also came down and I sent his boxes home with him, along with his wagon from when he was a child. 

            Valentineís Day found us at the Rodeo where we enjoyed the music of Alan Jackson.  Richard and Diana were there also.  The rodeo was fun and the music was great. We have really learned to enjoy rodeo while living here.   We also went on Friday, the 15 th and saw Clay Walker.  The following week we went one evening, saw Brooks and Dunn, then this past week, Tuesday and Thursday, seeing Willie Nelson and Clint Black.   Until last year we had season tickets for the rodeo, but made the decision to not renew them.  This is the last year that it would take place in the Astrodome, next year it will be in the new football stadium.  Two things that are on our list to do when we retire is the Cheyenne Roundup and the Calgary Stampede.

            We have had some really cold weather this month.  Low temps in the 20ís which is really cold for this area.  A lot of plants have frozen.  We were able to a little yard work one weekend.  Dick mowed the grass, but smartly decided against fertilizing yet.  I got all the roses pruned and a little bed cleaning done. 

            We have introduced Ming to the 5er.  We went out on a Sunday afternoon to do some straightening and organizing, taking her with us.  She looked around for a couple of minutes, then found the kitty toys and played the rest of the afternoon.  Donít think she will have a problem adjusting.  When we unloaded the things from our old 5er, we just packed them in whatever we could find, and some of the things had not been unpacked since moving into this unit.  We have a couple of sets of the plastic drawers that we had used in a cabinet, then put them on a closet shelf in the Travel Supreme.  We got them emptied, sorted and stored, with a couple of drawers left over! 

             At the rodeo, Ford had a big display of their vehicles and we were able to see the Supercrewzer that they are producing.  It is really an awesome truck, much better looking than it appeared in the ads and photos we have seen.  Can you guess what Dick has on his wish list now? 

            We are hoping for warmer weather and sunshine next month so we can get some more outdoor work done.  The forecasters are predicting cold weather the next few days; we will let you know how things turn out. 

            Happy St. Patrickís Day and Happy Easter!