September 2002               


            Ah, September.  In lots of parts of this great country, it signals the beginning of fall and cooler weather with colorful leaves.  Not Texas, it is still HOT!  We decided to take off around noon on Sunday and drive to Fredericksburg for a look around.  We had driven through there once, but didn’t stop.  They have a lot of shops and crafts and Millie wanted to check it out.  We left Bandera on Rt. 16 and drove through Kerrville on the way.  It was easy to see much damage from the July 4th flood along the way.  Many of the ranches had to replace fencing; there was evidence of a lot of new wire along the way.  Large tree sections and debris next to the road, even when the river was quite a distance away.  We saw several areas where the road had been replaced also.  It is just so hard to believe that the smallish clear stream we were viewing had been such a raging wall of water.

            When we arrived in Fredericksburg, Dick decided to stay in the truck and listen to the Astros play baseball while I checked out the shops.  Since it was Sunday, a number of the shops were closed.  Millie really enjoyed the Christmas Shop, particularly the Dept. 56 displays.  After she browsed the shops, we headed back to Bandera by an alternate route, just to have another view of the area.  After dinner, we walked around the campground and saw 2 herds of deer.  The youngsters were with them; they still had some of their spots, and very big ears.  We watched TV after dinner and Millie worked on some cross-stitch.

            It was so hard on Monday to think about heading back to the city.  We stepped out of the 5er and one of the deer herds was right behind our site.  Not more than 5 feet from our rig.  Missy was fascinated by those funny looking “dogs”.  They are such beautiful creatures. 

            We hitched up and headed for home.  In the town of Bandera, we saw where the river had wiped out a whole campground.  It looked like they were rebuilding.  They were right on the riverside.  When we got to Bourne we took Rt 46 over to New Braunfels to stop at Camping World.  We wandered the aisles there for a while, then paid for our purchases and had lunch in the parking lot.  It was very hot and we were thankful for our generator allowing the use of the A/C. 

            After lunch, it was on to I-10 to head back to Houston.  All was well until we got to Columbus, and the traffic slowed to a crawl.  According to some of the big rig drivers going the other way, it was basically that way all the way back in to Houston.  Since we don’t have to go all the way into the city, we hopped off at the first exit and headed down through the country to US 90A, which took us into Richmond.  It was really quite a nice drive through the country and we hadn’t seen most of the area so it was enjoyable.  After getting home and parking the rig, we went to The Olive Garden and had dinner.  Back home we unloaded what we needed for Monday and headed to bed.  Back to work tomorrow.

            The next week was pretty uneventful, we did laundry and Millie put together her Sewing Guild newsletter.  They had their meeting on the 12th and Millie did the refreshments for it.  It was a good group and the meeting was spent planning the agenda for the next year. Millie’s new laptop arrived and Dick has been busy getting it set up and all the files transferred over from the old one.

            On the 13th we went to our home C2C park, Marina Village in Trinity, TX.  We left here right after work and got to the park about 8:30.  After setting up, we ran into town and got something to eat.  Then came back, relaxed for a bit, then headed to bed.

What a surprise when we got up the next morning.  There were 4 trailers in our area and three of them (including us) were Travel Supremes!  It is rare for us to even see one in the same campground, let alone 3 right together. 

            We installed the Pet Patio and the girls took turns going out and enjoying it.  Dick also got the satellite set up.  Using his compass and signal meter from Camping World, he had us going in about 5 minutes.  Little tools sure make the difference.

            We then drove to Livingston and Rainbow’s End. Millie had a box of books to take for their library.  We had thought maybe someone would be at headquarters to talk to about mail service, but they are closed on the weekend.  The new area and entrance they put in is really nice.  After stopping by the Wal-Mart, we headed back to the trailer.  Fixed spaghetti for dinner. Went for a walk, watched TV and read.

            Sunday we packed up and headed home.  Had misty rain most of the way, but it stopped long enough for us to get the trailer parked. 

            We had rain on and off all the next week.  On Thursday night, the 19th, we had some storms and our first cold front of the season came in.  It was a welcome relief.

            The following weekend Dick started washing and waxing the 5er.  The biggest problem with selling a house is, that as soon as you start something, they call and want to show the house.  We got a call that they wanted to do an afternoon showing, so we stopped what we were doing, gathered up the cats and headed to the 5er.  One nice thing, with having the 5er in the driveway, we do have a place to go to when the house is being shown.   We took showers out there and dressed, then headed out for our usual Saturday afternoon eat out.

Sunday, after church, Dick started on the 5er again.  He got it all washed on Saturday, so he went back over it all with black streak remover.  Then he went back and started over it all with Protect All.  Millie cleaned some of the windows, then came in and started the laundry

            Tuesday we went to the next to the last Astros baseball game.  It was not a great game but we enjoy going to the park.  It rained just as we got there and they tarped the field, then closed the roof.  Some of the folks from Millie’s office were there and we had a good evening.

            Thursday evening we went out to dinner with Sherri Grooms who is on Dick’s team at work and Eric, Sue and David Brubaker.   Eric was Dick’s boss until last week when he was suddenly terminated.  It was sad to have to get together for this reason, but the evening was enjoyable, the food was great and the company superb.         

            The last weekend of the month was started with Dick washing and waxing Monster Truck. Surprise! About halfway into the job, a call that they wanted to show the house.  Millie got things straightened up and headed to the 5er with the cats and clean clothes for both of us.  Dick did manage to get the truck finished.  After showers we went out to eat.

            Sunday, after church, it was back to finishing up the 5er.  Dick put on the Protect All while Millie held the ladder.  It really looks great.  Millie also went to the nursery to pick up some plants for around the pool. Came home and made some homemade dinner rolls.  After cleaning up, Dick grilled a couple of steaks, Millie fixed baked potatoes and we had a great dinner.  Afterwards we cleaned up the kitchen and just relaxed.

            Next month we are going to be traveling some.  We will be attending our first Travel Supreme International Rally in Nashville, TN.